Robin Classics - The Snow Queen


Adapted and retold by Judith Gibson








32 pages per book


The Snow Queen is an exciting story by Hans Christian Andersen (1805 – 1875), a Danish writer. His enchanting tales are loved by children of every generation, the world over.

The Snow Queen shows how good can triumph over evil, and how kindness, love and friendship can overcome all obstacles.

The Snow Queen has been widely adapted for film and television. Now Robin Classics has adapted and retold the tale to make this enduring classic accessible to young readers.

Gerda and Kay are best friends, always in each other's company. But one day, Kay simply disappears, lured away under the spell of the evil Snow Queen. Gerda is determined to find her friend, come what may. She leaves home and begins her long quest to find him. Along the way, she faces numerous challenges, but never gives up or abandons hope. Gerda eventually finds Kay in the Snow Queen's icy palace in the far north. But will Kay's frozen heart ever melt and be warm again? And will the pair manage to escape from the Snow Queen's clutches?

List Price £17 per set


This box contains:


The Snow Queen Comes to Town


Gerda's Quest Begins


The Raven and the Robbers


Rescued at Last


Home at Last

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