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Studies have found that reading with children promotes success for early literacy. The tips below offer some ways which may help your child become a fluent reader with Robin Graded Readers.

Before reading

- Look at the book cover with your child. Discuss with them what the story will be about.

During reading

- Small children may not have the ability and patience to read independently. While reading the story, parents can point at the words to help children learn the pronunciation and focus their attention.
- Read with expressive voice or invite your child to dramatize the story.
- Encourage your child to read familiar and repeated words and phrases.
- Ask your child to predict the sequences of the story.
- Praise your child for their ideas and participation.

After reading

- Activities at the end of each book help you know how much your child has learnt. You can then adjust their ongoing reading practice.
- Encourage your child to reread the books which help them develop fluency in reading.
Reading with your child is a vital part of developing a skilled reader. Make reading a family affair!
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